As a full scale commercial construction company, Balkema Construction is well suited for projects of any size. Our managers and designers approach every job differently, creating strategies that are flexible yet inclusive. We map out each phase, checking everything prior to moving onto the next. At Balkema Construction, we handle everything from the skilled labor and regulatory compliance to materials delivery and site cleanup.


We specialize in complex projects that involve multiple disciplines. We save our customers money because of our capability to self perform many aspects of industrial projects that would normal include many other trades. We specialize in projects that include selective demolition, machinery removal, concrete pads and foundations, and steel work.


For over 25 years Balkema Construction has worked with local municipalities to build their communities. Whether you are looking to install a pump station, rebuild an existing park, or install a new boardwalk, Balkema Construction can  meet all of your needs.


At Balkema Construction, the success of our customer is crucial. Many times, due to the complexity of a project, it is easier to work directly with a customer to find a solution for a their project. With design build, we work directly with the customer from start to finish.